Tuesday, August 3, 2010

You Bacon Me Crazy: Review of Causeway Cafe

THE HEARTS: good food, cheap

THE FARTS: don't accept credit cards, only open from 6am-2pm, gets crowded, mediocre service

Young Old Fart says...

When I was a child two things would "make" my birthday: 1) My mom's special lunches (she would always add an extra treat and stick a birthday card in) and 2) My mom's birthday pancakes. Man oh man, did I love those babies. First, she would make a pancake the size of my head. Then, she would put various fruits and such to create eyes and a nose (some years it was strawberries, others it was blueberries, a couple of times there were eggs). However, one thing never changed, the "Pan Man's" smile was a thick slab of bacon. Yum.

As the year's have progressed the Pan Man has ceased to exist. This is for a number of reasons, including both my mom's abhorrence of waking up early and my body's never-ending ability to create cellulite and stretch marks (I thought about using this talent to join the circus, alas, they haven't returned my call). Nevertheless, whether or not I can/can't/will/won't eat bacon, the salty piece of meat that clogs arteries across the nation is definitely a piece of heaven. So, where does one go to get bacon and other breakfast goodies within the Wilmington area? Never fear my chickadees! Young Old Fart is to the rescue!

In a little nook near Wrightsville Beach, there is a shack called Causeway Cafe. I had heard of this place through word of mouth (like a secret organization) and decided that it was definitely worth checking out. My friends and I went there around 12 because we had heard that they are normally packed for breakfast. Even though we came during the supposedly "calm" hour there was a 15 minute wait (my friend said this was nothing, she normally waits at least 30 minutes!).

I figured it must be pretty darn good if it's always packed. Luckily, there is tons of seating outside and a pot of complimentary coffee to ease the pain of your wait. Before I get into the food let me warn you about a couple of things. First, this place is NOT fancy shmancy it is definitely a local dive. Second, they are open from 6am-2:30pm and while they do have lunch type foods they are known for their breakfast items.

Third, they DO NOT accept credit cards or debit cards (I KNOW! Who the heck carries money anymore?!). Alright, back to the good stuff. One of my friends ordered a stack of three pancakes with strawberries, bananas, and choco chips (all for around $6, crazy!). She seemed to enjoy them, although she did pine for more bananners. My other friend got a combo meal which included two eggs to her liking (sunny side up), a pancake, and BACON (again, positive feedback)! My last friend ordered their famous waffle which you can top with your heart's desire (I am talkin' about twix, m&m's, and all your other childhood goodies). Unfortunately, while she loved her blueberry walnut combo she was pretty disappointed that they ran out of whipped cream (NOTE: They top ALL waffles with whipped cream unless told otherwise). I found it odd that the server didn't mention they were out BEFORE she gave my friend her waffle (normally they tell you before they give it to you so that you have the option of changing your order).

Anyway, I ordered the veggie omelet with egg whites and whole wheat toast (I opted out of a second side which would have been my choice of grits or hash browns). While the omelet was delicious I had a couple complaints. First, while I know almost every chain does it, it bothered me that they charge more for egg whites (it's as if they WANT me to give into my fatty-cravings and not be able to zip my jeans). Second, my waitress never brought me my toast. The table was given complimentary toast before our plates came out and had I known I wouldn't have been brought mine I would've eaten some. Also, I couldn't complain since my waitress was impossible to catch (one of the downsides of popular small town eateries). All in all, mediocre service and small mishaps aside, I honestly think Causeway Cafe is a delicious bargain (we all ate there for under $9 each). And don't worry friends, if ever you cannot think of a reasonable need to check out this place and find that you have to know why, just remember....Causeway's a crooked letter. Tehe!

Kittens and bacon,

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