Saturday, June 25, 2011

Oh Happy Days: A Review of Happy Days Diner

Hearts: LOTS of dessert choices, coupons!
Farts: HUGE portion sizes (I know, how can that be a bad thing?) and some things TOO sweet

Young Old Fart Says....

I was really excited to try out this diner knowing that it had a ton of desserts to try out.

From gelato, to cake to pie...there really was anything to suit your hearts desire. 

YAH and I went twice. Once for sundaes and another time for cake and pie. The sundae experience was definitely unforgettable, but probably not in the best way. At the waitress's recommendation I got their brownie sundae with vanilla, chocolate, and coffee gelato, a brownie, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, whipped cream and a cherry. I know, I know it sounds like enough to feed an entire army. I knew it would be big but normally portion sizes never deter me. 

Even when this sucker came out I thought, "I can totally pack this away." I took the first bite and it was glorious, the gelato was just divine. However, I eventually made it to the brownie and was completely thrown off by its sweetness. In my mind brownies are a more chocolatey fudgey goodness, not so much a carrier for super sweet chocolate chips and sugar rushes. While the brownie was overtaking my sweet tooth, the second I hit the coffee gelato I almost blew out of my seat. Now, I love coffee flavored ice cream...I have to tell you this gelato was like taking a spoon and diving into your Foldger's container. It was WAY too strong. Ironically enough, though I was thinking this the whole time I was eating this sundae, I ended up finishing off the whole thing. Need proof?

It wasn't until after I finished the entire thing that the waitress informed me, "Normally it takes three of us to eat this and even then we don't finish it! Hehehehehehe" Well...I paid for eating three waitress portions worth of this concoction, trust me. The sugar rush from this bad boy knocked me out for the rest of day. I am not diabetic, but after my Friday afternoon sugar coma I think I can sympathize. Now don't think I won't be coming back for more gelato goodness, I definitely will. But next time I plan to create my own dreamy sundae so I can control the sweetness level and the amount of hours I plan to be comatose : ) 

Kittens and fudge,

Young At Heart Says...

We were on a mission. You see, Young Old Fart is now in the throws of summer school at UNCW and swears that the only thing that keeps her going is our Friday dessert dates. Off we went in search of their renowned Sundaes to fill her veins with renewed perseverance (better known as a sugar rush).  The sundae selection is vast and I DO mean vast. In addition you can create your own gelato concoctions.

I choose their Almond Joy Sundae. It was definitely a joy to the palette albeit a bit sweet for my older taste buds. Combining the three known ingredients of the Almond Joy Bar one will find Coconut, chocolate and almond gelato topped with chocolate sauce, almond brittle, whipped cream and a cherry.

On my next outing to this 50's throwback I will be bringing a Sundae sharing buddy to help me polish off this huge sundae. As you know by now, Young Old Fart NEVER shares a dessert. I was left to my own demise and almost finished it off but not quite.

We will be returning in the near future...more updates to follow. I have my eyes on another yummy dessert I spied!


  1. Oh yes, a dessert to die for...

  2. They really do have a great selection of desserts and the ambience is just like a fifties diner. Thanks for commenting!