Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Peachy Keen: Review of The Fuzzy Peach

THE HEARTS: healthy snack, close to UNCW, not overly priced, lots of toppings, yummy

THE FARTS: credit card machine was broken, not THAT many flavor choices (more fruity ones), not enough seating inside

Young Old Fart

It's summer, it's the South, and it's hotter than a damn oven. What to do, what to do? Well, the normal answer would be ICE CREAM! However, Wilmington is a very health conscious town with gorgeous people everywhere. Personally, I don't need my pooch (the nickname I gave my lower fat roll) any larger than it already is. Hm, what does that leave? FROYO BABY!

About a week ago The Fuzzy Peach, a frozen yogurt bar, opened up on Racine Dr. (VERY close to the college). My friend and I stopped there one day after the movies in search of a yummy but healthy snack. Unfortunately, they had not opened at the time (due to "the man"), leaving us frozen-yogurtless. Alas, we made a pact to come back once they had finally opened and to indulge (as much as one can indulge with fat-free frozen yogurt) in our desires.

Finally, once we both worked out our schedules and the big FP brought down "the man," we hopped in my mom's car and booked it over to the froyo God. Sadly, I forgot my camera, so all photos are courtesy the FP's facebook page.

Before we even entered FP, we were greeted by a "Credit card machine down. Only accepting cash" sign. AH! Everyone knows that nobody carries cash these days (we've all seen Law and Order, I'm not going to get mugged for $19, two sticks of gum, and a hairpin)! Luckily, I mooched off of my father earlier that day in hopes that I wouldn't have to charge my debit card again (I had just paid off all the interest on my federal loans...pity me). While the 10 bucks I was carrying would be enough for two, my friend and I were still cautious in making our chilly treats. Mind you, this was not easy. First off, the "cups" for the froyo are more like buckets. Second, there were several choices. One could go the healthy tart/fruity route, with choices like peach and tart vanilla OR one could go the classic ice creamy flavor route, with choices like mint and chocolate (keep in mind they constantly change their 8 daily flavors). If I am going somewhere for dessert I am sure as heck not getting some light fruity stuff, so I ended up with a chocolate mint combo while my friend swirled peach and strawberry.

Once you pick your flavors you walk over to the bar and top your froyo as you please. Choices include fresh fruit (if you're into that kinda thing), chocolate, candy bars, sprinkles etc. I picked white chocolate covered pretzels and peanut butter cups, while my friend topped hers with a bunch of vitamin-enriched produce. Finally, you set your pails on the scale and see what your damage totals to. For two "cups" that were between 1/2-3/4 full it was around $8, not bad at all. The poor cashier who was ringing us up however was anxious and nervous, claiming that the day had been "quite hectic." So, I left him a dollar and change tip...he looked at me like I had given him the cure to cancer. All in all, the froyo was very yummy (although beware the mint, it's as strong as an in between course palette cleanser). I highly suggest checking this place out. If not for the food, then for the three handsome UNCW grads that birthed it. Personally, I have my eye on the sexy spokes-peach.

Kittens and froyo,


  1. Thanks for that post and might I say that the "peach" in the suit was indeed fuzzy! somebody get that boy some Nair! It sounds like the flavors are real - I say that because some places give you "buckets" of yummies that bore your taste buds after the 3rd spoon. So, the peppermint flavor would definitely be good during a first store bought mints.

  2. The mint definitely gave my mouth a wake-up call. Surprisingly, as far as the peach-man goes, he is no more hairy than I am after three days of not shaving.