Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Dog Days of Summer: Staying Cool in the Cape Fear

Young At Heart says...

It is now approaching August which means hot and humid days here in the Cape Fear. So, what is one to do to stay cool?

OK, I have to admit that I have resorted to some strange ways to beat the heat. Some I will post, some I will not. I have been known to stuff ice cubes on body parts approaching 102 degrees, put my head under a faucet (and yes public ones at times), drink ice cold anything in the hopes of reducing the raging heat, sit in front of an a/c unit, take a cold shower, and dare I not forget, sleep, sleep, sleep in the hopes of waking to beautiful temperatures. (No wonder I have such nightmares during the summer).

There are many things to do in the Cape Fear to keep cool. Some even for free! So here goes the list...

* A day at the beach: Wrightsville Beach
* Wandering inside Independence Mall
* A Day at the movies
* Bowling (OK YAH can't do this personally but I used to love bowling)
* Attend a play or performance at Thalian Hall
* Go out to dine at one of your favorite places or one of ours
* Grab a cold dessert like The Fuzzy Peach
* Walk Carolina Beach Boardwalk in the evening (provided a breeze is a stirring)
* Spend the day at Jungle Rapids water park

Sweaty KISS,

P.S. What are your ways to stay cool?


  1. Great ways to cool off. There's also fuzzy navel, frozen cosmos, pomegranate martini, o.k. that having been urban (ghetto) new york where I grew up, we opened the fire hydrants,used hollowed soda cans and had a blast! didn't realize then it was hazard since hydrants are used to fight fires. My uncle was a fire chief (shame on me). Hey, what's the carolina beach boardwalk like?

  2. Unfortunately, we haven't checked the boardwalk out yet. But, it's definitely on our to-do list. Yea, I remember my childhood days when we would throw on the sprinkler and run through it (never had a pool). Sounds like you had some good times when you were a kid!

  3. YAH here....the boardwalk at Carolina Beach is suppose to be just like NJ boardwalks in the 50's. It is on my must do list...just waiting for this heatwave to break a bit. They even have fireworks every Thursday. Hope they have corn on the cob and french fries with vinegar but if not...oh well...we will find their "known" boardwalk goodie.