Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's A Local Affair: Review of The Cotton Exchange

THE HEARTS: Variety of local shops, benches for resting, historic site, complimentary parking, different restaurants

THE FARTS: Not handicap friendly

Young At Heart says...

Upon hearing the name The Cotton Exchange, a picture of bails of cotton piled high immediately entered my mind. However, this shopping locale is very trendy. There is a rich history surrounding this lovely lady. She is well known as Wilmington's stomping ground for both locals and UNCW students and is popular among the tourists as well. And, for good reason!

The beauty of this place is its unique mix of small shops in a rich historic building. Once inside, the shopper can meander down corridors filled with interesting local fare, food, clothing, and even a shop dedicated to our four legged friend. The downside to this setup is that it will be hard for handicapped individuals, excluding the street level floor. During our visits there I have yet to find an elevator and even if one did, there are several twists and turns on the upper levels that are (to me) not wheelchair ready. However, there are benches scattered throughout for the weary.

The Cotton Exchange embodies a good mix of interesting shops that both the young and old can enjoy.

There are two entrances: one from the parking lot level (note: parking is free in this lot behind The Cotton Exchange) and one from Front Street.

Visitors will spend several hours here, wandering in and out of the many shops and eateries. We recently ate at The German Cafe (dessert only) but there are other restaurants inside and outside as well.

For the YAH there are artsy type shops featuring renown locals and plenty of boutiques to enjoy. And, for those of you that lean toward the YOF, you will find plenty of shops as well. Some featuring items from the far east as well as clothing stores that might appeal to your taste.

So if you are in the mood for shopping or just in the mood to have an affair with Wilmington....come on down! It is well worth the trip.

Tristy KISS,

Young Old Fart says...

Yeah, what she said. (I done tired myself out walking around this place...it's time for me to invest in a scooter).

Kittens and fudge,

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  1. I love historical buildings with quaint shoppes! The surroundings allow me to step into the past, since the present is so darn stressful! Cotton Exchange...hmmm southern connection...yep. I did expect to see folks walking around with corn pipes and all..o.k. that was corny. I'll have to caruse their website..