Sunday, July 25, 2010

We Are The World: Where to Volunteer

Young Old Fart says...

You're sittin' in your car, listening to the radio. You're thinking, "Aw damn, Justin Bieber is on again...if only I was 15 and able to pull off a bowl haircut, maybe I would be famous too." You change the station because, really, no one likes pretentious pre-pubescent boys. Alright, this station is a bit, sweet, MJ back in the day. "We Are The World" blasts through your speakers. Yes, it's ridiculously cheesy. But, it sends a pretty powerful message. Great, now you're feeling guilty. 1) You haven't donated money to a charity since Christmas, 2) You haven't called Grammy back, and 3) You JUST finished swiggin' water out of a PLASTIC water bottle. Okay, it's official, you're the spawn of Satan.

Now don't overreact. You can fix this. First, make sure you recycle. Second, stop at the local Target or Walmart and get yourself a stainless steel water bottle. Third, call Grammy (you DO want to keep your title as "her favorite," don't you?). Finally, instead of just giving money to a worthy cause, maybe you should donate some time. But where oh where to go? Don't worry Antichrist, I have you covered:

  • If you like fishes and other slimy things, try Ft Fisher Aquarium (sharks need love too).
  • Are you good with kids? Check out The Children's Museum.
  • Artsy-fartsy type of person? Then, Cameron Art Museum is probably for you.
  • The place I spend my time at is The Cape Fear Red Cross. They need a wide range of good-doers, from office workers to disaster relief helpers.
  • Enjoy local history? The Cape Fear Museum needs your help (besides volunteers get benefits!).
  • How about supporting the performing arts and checking out Thalian Hall?
  • Maybe you're a people person. In that case, Good Shepherd Center is definitely worthy of your time.
  • Liberty Hospice offers a tough but heartfelt opportunity.
  • I could go on all day. If you don't see something that suits your fancy then you're a) extremely picky and b) in need of Volunteer Match (it lists a bunch of opportunities around your area).
Okay buddy, I think you're set to go. So, what have we learned today? 1) Volunteering one's time is a great way to help make the world a better place and 2) Grammy doesn't appreciate when her little Pooh Bear waits three days to call her back. Well, look at that...Pooh Bear is already sprouting wings.

Kittens and fudge,


  1. Who hasn't been affected by the economy these days? volunteering is an awesome way to say: "yeah, I got out of bed too today and will add my arm to the link that strengthens humanity". Horses are very therapeutic. My daughter benefitted greatly from volunteering to help special needs kids strengthen their spines by riding horses. The kids made my daughter see life through humble eyes, and the horses gave her unspoken therapy for the soul...

  2. That's absolutely wonderful, she sounds like a lovely young lady.