Friday, September 3, 2010

Hey Diddle Diddle: Blue Moon Gift Shop

Hearts: Interesting array of offerings
Farts: Can't think of any

Young At Heart Says...

I first found Blue Moon last year when I was searching for some very unique gift items. Bingo! I was able to find a gift for all those hard to find people on my list and more.

Recently, I took my friend from Maryland to this quaint spot for her to explore and enjoy. And enjoy she did! She purchased several gifts during our shopping extravaganza.

Blue Moon has much to offer including gardening accessories,

whimsical works of art,

unique light up flower arrangements,

funny but practical gifts (pickle forks in case you didn't know),

clothing boutiques,

furniture and decorative pieces,

local art work,

baby fashions,


handmade benches from both wood and cement,

whimsical creatures of every variety,

office necessities,

jewelry of all types,


and my favorite...homemade food items (I bought chocolate covered NC peanuts). And these are just a few of the shops inside.

Definitely a terrific spot to spend some time with a friend or even by yourself!

Peanutie KISS,


  1. looks like a fun shop...loved the forks

  2. I had to ask what the forks where used for but I like them too!

  3. Lots of great shots! Love this place :)

  4. I love this place too! They have a great holiday fair that you should check out if you haven't already. I know I will be shopping there this year for those "hard to find" people on my list. And thanks for the comment about the photos. I love taking pics but am no expert by any means. The digitals are the can delete anything that doesn't meet expectations and save a ton of money on development :-)

  5. You must be out on assignment.