Thursday, July 29, 2010

Christmas In July: A visit to Southport.

THE HEARTS: The Christmas House, Port City Java employees, beautiful views, great shops
THE FARTS: Stores open at 10AM

Young At Heart

Twas the night before August, when all through our house
We tore up the place, looking for a cool blouse.
Early am we drove to locate St. Nick,
And landed in Southport in a lick.

There were lots of places for Santa to hide,
Including in the water that spread so wide.
YOF in her t-shirt, and I in my cap,
Bound for the downtown to see what was on tap.

Inside Port City Java we stopped for awhile,
And choose a goodie from their pile.
I questioned Santa's Elfin girl,
Who exclaimed he just left in a whirl.

The sun on the streets of the main thorough fair,
Led us from shop to shop without a care.
When what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a magnificent house, with tons of reindeer.

Up to the entrance we flew so quick,
Just knowing we had found St. Nick.
More rapid than ever, we entered his summer home,
And were greeted by a multi-colored gnome.

Santa loved gardening and one could rightly tell,
There were tons of goodies that were oh so swell!
Each room was decorated with exquisite care,
With everything imaginable in Christmas ware.

Downstairs was an ice cream shop filled with flavors to taste,
And lots of visitors obliged without haste.
One of my favs is a room full of candy,
I bought licorice...just oh so dandy.

Around the corner, an animal filled room awaited,
And we entered, yes we were baited.
Lions, tigers, and bears called out my name,
Take me home, take me home, I will be tame!

Ornaments galore hung from ceiling to floor,
And garland wrapped every single door.
Red, green and white was the primary theme,
But we were intrigued by a beautiful glowing beam.

Up, up the stairs we rose,
Only to encounter Halloween foes.
Nearby lurked a fall festive place,
But we came for a purpose and entered his space.

Indeed we had found him, relaxing a bit,
He welcomed us and didn't have a fit.
He told us in his jolly old way,
Come any day and do plan to stay!

Visit my shops, you'll find them plenty galore,
Lining every nook and cranny in Southport for sure.
There is lots to eat, lots to do and see,
And all this you can do at a reasonable fee.

I'll be here for awhile he assured us that day,
So please come and visit and do plan to play.
All through the summer and even into the Fall,
I'll be waiting for you, no need to call.

Ho! Ho! KISS,


  1. hey, wait a minute, what's the weather gonna be like in december?....chrismas?'ll probably be surfin' while we're under 2 feet of snow here in joisy!

  2. Love these photos. Love the stores. Wish that I could be there.I miss your emails. Am I looking in the wrong place ?

  3. must then come to cape fear for the holidays :-)

  4. Been soooo busy cruising the Cape Fear with a long time friend. Her visit ends this weekend. Been having a blast.