Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Crescent Moon: A Reflection of Things

Hearts: Primarily local artists, great gifts for that special person
Farts: None

Young At Heart says...

Crescent Moon is located in The Cotton Exchange in downtown Wilmington. It is a lovely little shop filled with beautiful hand made glass and metal artisan pieces.  From blown glass to ceiling fixtures, this shop will inspire you to reflect on the beauty of all things glass and metal.

Featured above is a beautiful lighted glass ornamental ball that would be perfect in a garden or featured in the home.

There is no doubt that you will find many gift ideas that will appeal to all personalities.  The shop features functional, decorative, and collectible pieces as well as custom pieces.

One of my favorites is the lighted "jelly fish" which is hand made all from glass. This alone is worth the trip...enlightening to say the least.

In addition, there are colorful hand made glass lamps that truly are beautiful.

Yes, the only thing produced here is originality! Well worth a trip downtown.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Holy Brownie Batman!: Review of Henry's Restaurant

THE HEARTS: Food, atmosphere

THE FARTS: Portion size on some items, air conditioning was blasting

Young Old Fart says...

Sh...sh...it's okay to cry. I know you missed me and my obsession with sweets. That's right, I know your will to live was obliterated without my constant reminders of all things delicious and divine : )

Henry's Restaurant is a really nice place to grab a bite to eat. What's even sweeter is that they consistently have "crate to plate" specials that feature local food.

Young At Heart decided to go with Henry's stuffed portebella mushroom with a small side salad topped with their infamous cucumber dill dressing.  She said it was delicious and a perfectly light meal.  In my opinion, it could have afforded another cap or so. 

I went with a spinach salad topped with salmon. The salmon was perfectly cooked, crusty outside with a buttery center. If it were me I would eat grilled salmon every night and blissfully die from mercury poisoning.

Okay, now for the best part...DESSERT! Both my mom and I were looking forward to their molten chocolate lava cake but unfortunately they have discontinued it since it was the only dessert not made in-house (YOU FOOLS! You should've jacked the recipe THEN stopped ordering it! Or at the very least send me a crate or two...). Alas, we both "settled" for their brownie sundae. Silly little waiter thought we were going to share one...silly waiter, proper portion sizes are for amateurs.

The brownies had that perfect crisp top with a slightly undercooked center, and the ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce were the perfect complement. Although, I would've preferred to have my brownies warm enough to melt the ice cream a tad, along with more chocolate sauce. Hey if I go all out, I go ALL out!

Overall...you should definitely check Henry's out. You and I both know those brownies are calling your name : )

Kittens and fudge,
Young Old Fart

Monday, May 9, 2011

Got a sweet tooth? Fill it at Market Street Candy & Gifts!

HEARTS: Candy, candy everywhere and reasonably priced.
FARTS: May get a stomach ache as they have sooo many candies to choose from.

I definitely have a fetish for salt water taffy and I have found the perfect place for me to satisfy this craving. It is an adorable little shop called Market Street Candy & Gifts.  And if you haven't guessed, it is located downtown on Market street near Kilwins Ice Cream Shop.

They have candies of every variety including lots of the oldies but goodies like Clark, Sugar Daddy, Mary Janes and the list goes on and on.

And gifts to suit many tastes at reasonable prices.  So if you have little ones in toe or want a special gift, do check out this recent addition to our lovely downtown!  It is a place to feed the child in all of us.

Sticky KISS,
Young At Heart

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Tranquil Harbor: The Arboretum

Hearts: FREE (they do accept donations and I highly recommend it), huge gold fish you can feed for 25 cents, handicap accessible, great spot for a mini family vacation, photo buffs, artists, picnic lunches and all proceeds from the gift shop go to support the arboretum.

Farts: Difficult to make a left exiting the parking lot

Young At Heart says...

It has been too long...way too long since my last post. Unfortunately, I have been sick with my rheumatoid arthritis and can only hope that things will improve.

Finding The Arboretum has helped me to attain the peace and tranquility to begin once again. The Arboretum is not only an educational spot but a lovely getaway to rejuvenate the soul. And it's FREE!

From the moment I entered the seven acres, I knew I had found an oasis. The Arboretum does offer an opportunity to see what best grows in our local area and the different garden landscapes confirms that everyone can have a green thumb. And if you need any help, this is the place to ask your questions. You can also volunteer to help with the gardening.

I am not sure which beautiful garden is my favorite....

The exquisite rose garden that offers every possible hue of the rainbow

including Old Fart's favorite, yellow roses.

Or the huge man made mini lake that features this ferocious dragon. And some mighty big gold fish that you can feed for a quarter. What a great outing for children!

Walk a little ways and one will find hidden treasures everywhere.

And for the little ones, there is a unique children's garden that features everything in pint size proportions. Be sure to check out the inside of the little house....surprises await!

The garden gets an A for handicap accessible and even features an ability garden. I learned a few new things to make gardening easier with my arthritis.

I love gardening but they have done such a spectacular job, I think I will employ the KISS principle and just move my home over to The Arboretum.

Dirty KISS,
Young At Heart

P.S. If you are a die heart gardener, you can buy plants here as well. Proceeds go to support the Ability Garden.