Monday, May 9, 2011

Got a sweet tooth? Fill it at Market Street Candy & Gifts!

HEARTS: Candy, candy everywhere and reasonably priced.
FARTS: May get a stomach ache as they have sooo many candies to choose from.

I definitely have a fetish for salt water taffy and I have found the perfect place for me to satisfy this craving. It is an adorable little shop called Market Street Candy & Gifts.  And if you haven't guessed, it is located downtown on Market street near Kilwins Ice Cream Shop.

They have candies of every variety including lots of the oldies but goodies like Clark, Sugar Daddy, Mary Janes and the list goes on and on.

And gifts to suit many tastes at reasonable prices.  So if you have little ones in toe or want a special gift, do check out this recent addition to our lovely downtown!  It is a place to feed the child in all of us.

Sticky KISS,
Young At Heart

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  1. O.K. Listen, sugar in any/all forms are part of every fiber of my being. Candy? E-YEA. It's a shame this place is so far away. I live through your posts, so keep me alive...