Monday, August 30, 2010

Wilmington Trolley Tour

THE HEARTS: Great for History Buffs, enjoyable way to learn about Wilmington
THE FARTS: No A/C or Heat

Young At Heart says...

It can get rather difficult to figure out what will be enjoyable for family or friends to do while they are visiting us in Wilmington. But I will say, if you haven't tried the Willmington Trolley Tour then you should venture out and give it a whirl.

The entire tour takes approximately 45 minutes and although it isn't what I would consider cheap, it is worth the fee for visitors and those in love with historical homes. And by all means google online for coupons. We saved $1 a person on this day. I found my coupon in Brunswick Islands & Cape Fear Coast Visitors Guide which you can find in the lobby of most Wilmington hotels and down in the Cotton Exchange or you can also search them online at

The tour starts out on Dock and Water St. and departs hourly. We were the last three allowed on this trip. Our tour guide was informative and entertaining. From local facts to the details about the historical homes lining the tour, he did a wonderful job. My only problem was I couldn't always hear him. There are no windows on the trolley and you are open to traffic noises. In addition, there was a young child next to us that insisted on continually talking several octaves above the loudspeaker.

Baring my lack of auditory information, I was still awed with the visuals on this trip...

All in all, this tour is for (in my opinion) preteen and up, unless you have a very young history lover in your midst. However, the tour company does not put restrictions on any age. And I didn't notice a handicap accessible lift for wheelchairs. So if you are traveling with anyone using a wheelchair, call to find out if and how that can be handled.

Historic KISS,

Young Old Fart says...

You would think riding a trolley in downtown Wilmington would be a glamorous experience, my sore bum and sweaty shirt would have to disagree with you. Right off the bat I must warn our readers to NOT sit on "the hump" seat of the bus. Honestly, I couldn't concentrate on most of the ride due to my derriere's extreme discomfort.

Barring booty bruises, the tour definitely offered some pretty sites (however, I would avert my direction when you pass some of the sketch parts of Wilmington). Unfortunately, like YAH said, I couldn't hear our tour guide. Not that this was much of a loss, the parts that echoed out seemed pretty ho-hum and architectural. All in all, I think this activity constitutes as a "one time deal." It was a cute hour spent on a Saturday afternoon, but definitely not something I would spend $11 on again. Now, add a dozen donuts or so, a butt cushion, and some AC and I just might reconsider...

Kittens and fudge,

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