Friday, August 20, 2010

This Little Piggy Went to the BBQ: Carolina BBQ

Hearts: Cheap, Good Choice of Southern Comfort Foods, and decent service

Farts: Not so great desserts

Young At Heart says...

Southern comfort food is not one of my top choices for dinning but I was pleasantly surprised to find that Carolina BBQ is an exception. Now, it is not fancy by any means but rather an all you can eat buffet. And there is definitely lots to eat.

If you don't love the traditional southern comfort foods then this place is not for you. But if you love your food deep fried, slathered in butter, dripping with fatty goodness...then come on down!

Their buffet menu includes: fried chicken, fried fish, pulled pork bbq of two varieties, sausage with onions, mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, fried potatoes, collard greens, squash, and corn. And this is not the full menu by any means, just what I can recall off the top of my head. Desserts include: banana pudding, strawberry shortcake, pie, and hand scooped ice cream.

And for the dieters at heart they do have a decent salad bar.

My favs were the pulled pork barbecue, the collard greens, hush puppies (these little doggies are out of this world with flavor), and the various greens on the salad bar. The thing I love best about buffets is if the cook is halfway decent, you should find something of your liking. For this spot, you will find lots to your liking just so long as you love traditional southern food. My friend found true love on our visit here. He was a traditional southern dish dressed with a splash of vinegar...collard greens. This was her very first time trying this veggie and she is now a devout worshiper of this southern gent.

The absolute best feature of this meal however is the price. They are celebrating 6 years of success in Wilmington and offer the customer all this fair for $6. Your drink (unless you get water) will run an additional $1.99. And you can eat all you want! Take out is priced by the pound.

So, if you are looking for a meal that will make you feel warm and full, follow this little piggy to Carolina BBQ.

Barbecue KISS,
Young At Heart


  1. sounds like a good meal for the buck. I've never heard of or seen a soul food buffet...

  2. Never heard of it referred to as soul food but it is for sure traditional Southern comfort food. And yup, for the buck, it is worth it. Not high star dinning but good old southern home cooking type of stuff.