Monday, August 23, 2010

Old McDonald Had A Market: Review of Riverfront Farmers Market

THE HEARTS: Local Farm Grown Goodies at a fair price, view of the riverfront while you walk, and free music

THE FARTS: Not indoors, so weather impacted

Young At Heart says...

Calling all lovers of fresh veggies and home baked goodies! The Riverfront Farmers Market is located in downtown Wilmington and runs until mid December. For best pickings one should get there early but even later in the day you will find fresh goodies galore.

By the time we arrived, the market had been underway for 3 hours.
The entire market runs the length of the riverfront and can easily be accessed from the free parking near The Cotton Exchange. We were lucky to grab one of the only parking spaces left but I suspect that is because we arrived much later then true marketers.

The place was humming with vendors, visitors and true Wilmingtonians. I spied lots of
delicious home baked goods including breads of every variety, cookies, fudge, and even an organic variety of goodies. Mingled with this were vendors offering fresh fruit and veggies from several local farms, home grown honey, local artists, and of course multiple farms offering plantings from vegetables to exotic species that I assume will flourish here in my backyard.

Unfortunately I couldn't buy any of the food offerings as we were heading over to tour Wilmington and I was afraid that hours of heat would wilt my goodies. My friend from Maryland seemed to be enjoying herself and promised to return for some of the plant offerings. She is a devout flower gardener and tends her Maryland yard like a new born babe.

I for sure plan on becoming a regular Saturday morning worshiper of this lovely market. Heck...not only do I get to stock up on lots of home baked goodies, fresh veggies and a possible flower or two...I get the lovely view of the river while I meander amongst the offerings. I can't really think of a better way to spend a Saturday morning. OK...maybe sleeping in late but other then that it's off to the market I will go.

Honey KISS,

Young Old Fart says...

Have you ever been stuck at home on the weekend feeling really lame and reminiscent of a crazy cat lady? Okay, maybe that's just me. Either way, whether you are a feline freak or just bored and in the Wilmington area, the Riverfront Farmers Market is definitely worthy of your Saturday morning and early afternoon.

WARNING: If you plan on going to the market PLEASE pick a nice day weather-wise. Unfortunately, the day we went it was SCORCHING. It is for this reason that I feel like my review may be a little bit biased...I don't bode well when I feel like a stuffed turkey baking in an oven.

First off,
garden lovers will definitely have a field day at the market. It seemed like every other booth was plant/herb/flower related. While they were pretty to look at, I don't have a green thumb nor do I enjoy being attacked by various creepy crawlers.

Second, t
he market is a really nice way to support local stores and get some homemade food. Want a fresh baked loaf of bread? Head over to the numerous booths sporting goodies ranging from vegan loaves to Italian biscotti.

Finally, while you're roaming this slice of town be prepared to be serenaded by ornate musicians. The day we went there was a cute little banjo guitar type trio that definitely got my feet tapping.

All in all, the Riverfront Market is a nice way to spend some time perusing what Wilmington has to offer (as long as you aren't melting like the Wicked Witch of the West).

Kittens and fudge,


  1. I like to get there by 8:30 AM. Close parking. Great pickings. Reasonable temps. I also like the Farmer's Market at Poplar Grove on Wednesday mornings. Pretty much the same vendors, but with more shade.

  2. Never tried that one but will put it on my to do list for a breezy Wednesday morning.