Monday, July 18, 2011

Nicolas Restaurant Review

Hearts: A chef that goes above and beyond to please his customers, gluten free items, lovely atmosphere and reasonably priced too!
Farts: I have heard their drink selection is awesome...I don't drink unfortunately.

YAH says...

The family was in for a few days and with them their dietary considerations. Both families have members that must eat gluten free. One would think that in this day and age, every restaurant would offer gluten free but that is not the case.

After finishing up at the Children's Museum in downtown Wilmington, we went to the Internet to find a place to eat that served gluten free. Nicolas was one of the only ones we could find that was not a chain restaurant. My niece was tired of the disappointing taste of gluten free at the chains. We gladly headed over to Nicolas.

The interior reminded me of a NY styled restaurant, chic but comfy. Not your typical Italian type of interior design but definitely refreshing and relaxing.

The lunch menu offers a wide choice of options from appetizers, soups, salads, subs and sandwiches, pizzas to pastas.

We wound up ordering the fried mozzarella and chicken wing appetizers to start. All the adults ordered a house salad with a wonderful lemon dressing. The gluten free selections were ordered from their dinner menu and included spaghetti and penne pasta in parmesan pink sauce.

The children ordered a wood fired twelve inch cheese pizza, chicken cutlet sub with fries, and gluten free spaghetti with butter and parmesan (this was a special request not on their menu). I opted for the soup and salad combo.

I did taste the gluten free penne pasta in parmesan pink sauce and it was delicious. So much so that both my nieces couldn't believe that this entre was gluten free. They kept asking the waitress if in fact this dish was gluten free. She reassured them several times and said that the chef prepares everything carefully and they could be reassured that all of the dishes that were ordered gluten free were in fact gluten free.

All of the lunch entrees were yummy. My favorite was in fact the gluten free pasta with the pink sauce. I know what I am ordering the next time I go there for dinner.

And what sets this restaurant apart from any other that I have dined at so far is the chef. He made a personal appearance at our table to talk with my nieces about the gluten free dishes they had ordered. They are hooked! Not only will they be back the next time they are in town but they truly appreciated his wonderful flare for cooking! He is indeed an eccellentissimo chef!

Parmesan pink kiss,

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